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Atlas Behavior Services was started by a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst who obtained her education and training in behavior analysis at California State University Northridge.

The mission of Atlas Behavior Services is to improve lives of children and adolescents with disabilities. We use individualized approach using evidence-based treatments to teach essential skills required to navigate the challenging situations in socially acceptable ways. At Atlas Behavior Services we use principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and procedures developed by behavior analytic research to teach learning readiness skills, communication, daily living and social skills. We utilize best practices to develop function-based treatments to strengthen socially appropriate behaviors and reduce maladaptive behaviors.

At Atlas Behavior Services we believe that prevention is the best intervention for maladaptive behaviors. To insure use of socially acceptable behaviors in leu of inappropriate behaviors our goal is to teach and strengthen the following skills:

  • In a socially appropriate manner
    • Communicating wants, needs, likes, and dislikes in ways that are understood by others
    • Tolerating and accepting denial of requests, sudden changes in daily events and changes in family dynamics
    • Gaining the attention and affection of others in ways that are understood by all
  • Playing and interacting with others using socially appropriate play and communication skills
  • Developing independence with daily and community living skills

Atlas Behavior Services


EIBI is based on principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and focuses on remediation of learning readiness skills, communication, imitation, visual spatial skills, pre-academics, self-help and social interaction skills (Eldevik et al., 2009).

The skill deficits are identified through a comprehensive assessment process and then taught on a one-to-one basis at home or schools using discrete trial in combination with incidental teaching.


Focused based interventions address a single skill deficit (e.g. deficit in daily living skills) or problem behaviors (Odom et al., 2010 купить фонарик). Focused based interventions are provided 10 to 15 hours week until the identified skill deficit is taught or socially significant reduction in problem behaviors have been achieved.


Social skills are critical in participation in the community, building and maintaining friendships, support high quality of life and reduce risk of feeling lonely and developing depression in adolescents and adulthood (Lewinsohn, 1975 купити тактичні рукавиці). According to Segrin (2000), poor social skills lead to low rates of positive reinforcement from the social environment, which in turn leads to feelings of loneliness and depression.

Social skills are set of behaviors that allows the individual to interact with other people in a way that is мультитул both socially appropriate and effective in meeting the individual’s needs.


Parental participation is considered an essential component to gain most from EIBI interventions постільна білизна. Parent participation is critical to support generalization and maintenance of the skills taught during one to one sessions. We provide the parents individualized support to systematically incorporate them into their child’s learning environment and help them become active participant in child’s learning постільна білизна. At Atlas Behavior Services, parents are considered integral part of client’s treatment team and parent input and communication of changing needs are always encouraged. .

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