Users formed a constant and you may much time-name experience of the frog, that’s a routine parasocial relationships

Users formed a constant and you may much time-name experience of the frog, that’s a routine parasocial relationships

This new partial-arranged interview description integrated around three head parts: first guidance, the brand new inspiration getting and contact with to experience Travel Frog, and personal life style reputation and you will interpersonal matchmaking. For the earliest guidance area, information that is personal also many years, occupations, city of house, electronic game choices and you will online game-to try out background is actually gathered. On 2nd part, interviewees responded questions such as “Just how do you find out more about the game?”, “As to why did you play it?”, “What do you think about the frog from the online game?”, “Do you actually ever view it as your dogs/friend/partner/man?”, “As to the reasons or why not?”, and you can “Have you ever overlooked they?” The next the main interview try according to interviewees’ answers in the previous region so you’re able to inquire into their real-life problem. Such, in case your interviewee told you Take a trip Frog generated them feel at ease, we could possibly ask whether or not the guy/she felt troubled in reality together with source of pressure. When they stated it enjoyed the approach to life of the frog for the the following part, we may have them evaluate their most recent lifestyle and you can explain the most readily useful lives, etcetera. This interview try according to the interviewees’ answers, together with interviewer continued asking inquiries to ask further towards the brand new interviewees’ responses.


With respect to the interviews product, i found that really interviewees initially installed the software and you may first started to relax and play in order to pursue a social trend and share a common expertise in loved ones. They failed to admiration the brand new frog regarding the games once the a good kid initially, however, found get it done through the years as they starred the fresh video game. Immediately following constant encounters to your frog, interviewees reported that they admired and you will liked the new frog’s represented life, and exactly how they seemed to relate solely to members. The brand new psychological engagement and comprehension of the new frog failed to arise regarding the certain interaction from the games but, rather, the latest interpretation and imagination of people. Also, the fresh players’ attitude to the and feedback of the frog were not limited by this new Travel Frog online game, but extended to life outside the video game. It projected the hopes of way of living easily to their connection with the brand new frog, and you can wanted to enjoys comparable relationships with their mothers or children, enabling the players to think about brand new frog as their man. We instruct a couple reason players viewed brand new frog as his or her child: to project the vow away from life style easily also to express its expectation off an ideal parent-son matchmaking.

Projecting the brand new Hope from Life Easily

Once the change of your business system in China, teenagers enjoys encountered significantly more specific dangers, however the government has never implemented a complete interests system and you may societal safety measures to help with individual innovation. The individual must believe in himself otherwise herself.

Into regarding financial rationality, the new standing and you will aim of property possess substantially improved, and you can possessions possession was perhaps one of the most important components of a good lives (Wu, 2016). This new role of one’s economic basis in-marriage grew to become increasingly obvious in both outlying and you will cities. The newest bride-to-be price within the outlying section is broadening yearly. In cities, possible couples are required to possess a car and you may property just before ). Moreover, for some young people who aren’t regional population from inside the a good urban area, if they want to get regional urban hukou, that gives accessibility personal properties and you will personal welfare, they are expected to pick a house (Lui, 2017; Nie XING, 2011). Highest rates force they to your workplace tough and undertake overtime work to take care of work balance facing unemployment and fierce race (B. Liu, Chen, Yang, Hou, 2019). But not, young adults investigation hard or works overtime not merely Columbus GA escort girls because of the high cost from life style and you can creativity can cost you, but also because of their traditional on their own.

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